Video: Goal review doesn’t work out for Habs’ Weise


The Montreal Canadiens are giving Dale Weise a golden opportunity on a line with Max Pacioretty and Tomas Plekanec, and he nearly made it pay off with a goal against the New York Rangers tonight.

Actually, many would probably say that Weise did score a goal, only the review process failed him and the Canadiens.

Judge for yourself via the replay below:

Here’s an explanation via the NHL’s Situation Room Blog:

At 18:38 of the first period in the Montreal Canadiens/New York Rangers game, the Situation Room initiated a video review to further examine Dale Weise’s shot at 18:02. Video review was inconclusive in determining whether the puck completely crossed the goal line. Therefore the referee’s call on the ice stands – no goal Montreal.

This freeze frame certainly makes it seem like a close call:


However the Habs might feel, the game is still 0-0 as we speak.