NHL website to debut fancy stats next month


The NHL will reportedly go all-in on the fancy stat revolution starting this February, according to Yahoo.

Per Puck Daddy’s Greg Wyshynski, NHL COO John Collins confirmed that the league’s website will begin featuring advanced metrics like Corsi, Fenwick and PDO beginning next month.

More, from Yahoo:

Collins confirmed that while the League waits to standardize the new player-tracking system that will eventually quantify puck possession stats more accurately, NHL.com is adding “enhanced stats” to its collection of player and team statistics. 

The addition is scheduled for late February.

“You’re going to see a big change in the way we present our stats, in terms of the depth and the utility of how to do it. And that’s before the puck tracking [system],” said Collins.

Puck and player tracking was a hot topic during All-Star weekend in Columbus. The league showcased a prototype of the live digital experience of the Sportvision system during Sunday’s game — PHT was on hand for the display — and Collins suggested there were major changes on the way with regards to monitoring on-ice movement and incidents.

“All the tracking stuff teams can use to compile data, find our tendencies on the ice, collect a digital history,” he explained. “For the public, there’s the possibilities of apps and things like using it for fantasy. The other thing is how broadcasters can use the date to tell stories.

“It also might help people who don’t understand the game monitor it better.”

As for the advanced stats, the NHL appears to be taking a page from the NBA, a league that has a remarkably comprehensive statistical database available on its website.