Video: Kane bests Blackhawks teammate Toews in accuracy shooting

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It was the match-up we all wanted to see. Probably.

Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, teammates with the Chicago Blackhawks but pinned against each other in a battle for accuracy shooting supremacy in Saturday’s NHL Skills Competition.

Bragging rights go to Kane. ‘Showtime’ hit all four targets in a time of 13.529 seconds, which was the quickest time among the eight shooters in the competition. Toews completed the competition in 16.307 seconds. Toews did wire three straight pucks square off the post, narrowly missing the target. An impressive feat in itself for the Blackhawks captain, but not one that’s going to earn any points.

Team Foligno continued its domination through the first three events, winning three of four rounds in the accuracy shooting to take a 10-1 lead over Team Toews. Only Ryan Getzlaf earned a point for Team Toews in the third event.