Former Devils exec files $2.3M lawsuit against Lamoriello


Former Devils Arena Entertainment President Rich Krezwick filed a $2.3 million lawsuit against New Jersey Devils GM Lou Lamoriello on Thursday, according to the Bergen Record’s John Brennan.

It all seems to stem from issues Krezwick alleges Lamoriello had with him leading up to his 2013 firing (when Devils ownership changed hands).

There are some eyebrow-raising allegations in this article, which is worth a read, especially if you even have a passing interest in the affairs of the Devils’ long-standing executive. Lamoriello has been at the helm since 1987, so it’s not surprising that he’s made an enemy or two, whether Krezwick’s claims are true or not.

Of all the bits that Brennan brought attention to, this anecdote provides quite the animated mental picture:

Krezwick was fired in August 2013, and the suit alleges he learned of his fate at a staff meeting of 100 employees when his replacement, current arena executive Hugh Weber, was introduced to the staff. The suit claims that Lamoriello was “smiling and laughing” as Weber was introduced, since it was then clear that Krezwick was being terminated.

Five other Devils executives were let go a few weeks later, again to Lamoriello’s amusment, according to the suit.

“Lamoriello physically positioned himself in a chair at the base of the employee elevator of the [Prudential Center] so that he could watch these individuals pass by with their boxes of personal belongings in order to leave the building directly after they were fired and to laugh as they passed by, as to take credit for their firing,” the suit claims.

Well, wow.

Here’s an artist’s rendering of the scene.