Getzlaf: ‘I accept full responsibility for my stupidity’


Ryan Getzlaf threw hockey’s equivalent to a tantrum and got busted.

And his actions, which occurred at the end of the second period, put the Anaheim Ducks two men down, eventually leading to a San Jose Sharks goal in the third period.

He took responsibility for it after the Ducks, undisciplined on this occasion, lost to their California and Pacific Division rivals, the Sharks, by a final score of 3-0 on Wednesday. San Jose, even without Joe Thornton, who was injured on a clean Clayton Stoner hit, had eight power plays, and scored once with the advantage.

“I accept full responsibility for my stupidity and my role in that. That was my fault,” said Getzlaf, as per Eric Stephens of the Orange County Register.

“When you take (nine) or 10 penalties, you’re not going to win. We have to stay disciplined, shut up and stay focused,” said Ducks’ head coach Bruce Boudreau, as per the club’s Twitter account.