Video: Kaleta takes break from punching Cowen to punch himself


Buffalo Sabres forward Patrick Kaleta isn’t the NHL’s most prolific fighter by any stretch of the imagination, but he has been in his fair share of sparring matches, so when he saw Ottawa’s Jared Cowen shove Johan Larsson to the ice from behind, Kaleta rushed to the defense of his teammate.

Kaleta delivered a flurry of punches at Cowen, but his early edge was quickly neutralized. That led to the briefest of lulls in the fight, which ended when Kaleta punched himself in the face before going back after Cowen.

Was Kaleta trying to motivate himself? Was his aim really that bad? You can watch the fight below (pay special attention around 0:24):

If you didn’t see it, there’s also a Vine that focuses on the self-inflicted blow:

Kaleta and Cowen found themselves competing against each other later in the night and unfortunately they both lost their footing while fighting for the puck and crashed into the end boards. Kaleta looked like he took the worst of it, but he might still be fine to play on Wednesday, per the Buffalo News’ Mike Harrington.