Voynov pleads not guilty, trial date set for Mar. 2


Kings defenseman Slava Voynov plead not guilty at his arraignment for domestic violence on Monday, per his lawyer, Craig Renetzky.

Renetzky also reported — via his Twitter account — that Voynov’s pretrial case is set for Jan. 28, with jury trial scheduled for Mar. 2.

Today’s arraignment marked the first time Voynov was in court since his Dec. 15 preliminary hearing. That hearing included testimony from Redondo Beach police officer Gregory Wiist, who said that Voynov’s wife — Marta Varlamova — told him she was struck in the face, pushed to the ground and kicked repeatedly.

The officer also testified that Voynov’s wife had “bruising, red marks, scratches” on her neck, and was given eight stitches to close a three centimeter cut above her right eye.

Per the L.A. Times, Voynov would face a maximum of nine years in state prison should he be convicted. The Russian rearguard, who was arrested on Oct. 20 and charged one month later, remains suspended indefinitely by the NHL.