Sunny skies forecast for Winter Classic — problematic?



That’s the weather forecast for this week in Washington, D.C., where the Winter Classic will be held 1 pm ET Thursday at Nationals Park (watch on NBC and online).

Certainly no reason to worry that the game could be postponed due to rain; however, the sun may present a challenge for the ice-makers, based on what’s been said in the past.

“You can be as cold as you want, but if we have sun we have a problem,” ice guru Dan Craig said last year in Ann Arbor.

The ideal Winter Classic forecast is overcast and cold, with maybe a light sprinkling of snow to make it look good on TV.

Below is video of Craig with an update on the rink build, in which he says the hope is for more cloud coverage than just “partly” cloudy.

At the moment, it doesn’t look like he’ll even get “partly” cloudy.