Disgruntled Oilers fans take out ad calling for Kevin Lowe’s firing


Firing your head coach isn’t exactly standing pat, but for many Edmonton Oilers fans, dismissing Dallas Eakins simply wasn’t enough.

General managers and coaches have changed, yet one executive stands out as a longtime figurehead: Kevin Lowe. It’s not shocking that disgruntled fans mobilized to ask for his firing, yet Puck Daddy passes along quite the commitment to such a cause: Oilers fans took out a full-page ad in the Edmonton Sun asking for his removal.

Here are a few key phrases from “The Kevin Lowe Must Go Facebook Group.”

“If you expect accountability from the players on the ice, then (there) must be accountability from management off of the ice.”

“This is not in any way directed at Kevin Lowe as a hockey player and his six Stanley Cup rings, or Kevin Lowe as a person. This letter is highlighting the deficiency in the team created by allowing Mr. Lowe a seemingly infinite amount of time and resources to build a quality hockey team.”

(Read the full letter here.)

Puck Daddy notes that a full-age ad in the Sun during a weekday is $5,680, so it’s obvious that there’s money to back up all of that passion. After all, it’s one thing to get someone to click a “Like” button but it says a lot more when people open up their wallets.

Ultimately, it’s up to Oilers owner Daryl Katz to make these high-level decisions. At least he doesn’t have to wonder where many fans stand, though.