Report: No hearing for Seidenberg after Toews hit


Boston blueliner Dennis Seidenberg won’t have a disciplinary hearing for his hit that forced Chicago’s Jonathan Toews from Thursday night’s game, per multiple sources:

The incident occurred midway through the second frame, with Seidenberg receiving a boarding minor on the play:

According to a subsequent report, the NHL’s Department of Player Safety was said to be reviewing the hit for possible supplementary discipline. Following the game, B’s head coach Claude Julien said some of the onus was on Toews to protect himself from the hit.

“A player’s job is to finish his check. So a player should know he’s going to be hit and I think it’s not about tonight, it’s about the whole league,” Julien said, per MetroWest Daily News. “I’m one of those guys that have really put a lot of pressure on people that look at those kind of things and say listen, it’s okay to take away those hits from behind when they’re warranted, but what about the other guy? Does he not have a responsibility?

“Certainly don’t like seeing those kinds of things, but this is where it’s important to take care of ourselves. So, I view that five-on-three we’re going to close a gap quickly and Dennis is a strong individual. So is he supposed to get weak because of that situation? Or he just plays to his strength. Again, I wasn’t happy. I looked at it and it could be arguable, but from my end of it, I think it’s what it is. Our guys need to finish their checks and sure, you’ve got to be careful, but I’m sure [Toews] knew [Seidenberg] was coming.”