Report: Gordie Howe ‘getting better, on the upswing’


Gordie Howe, the hockey great, is reportedly doing better after it appeared his health was taking a turn for the worse earlier in December.

It was first feared Howe suffered another stroke at the beginning of this month. Instead, it turned out to be dehydration and fatigue, his son, Murray Howe, said at the time.

Howe, 86, suffered a serious stroke at the end of October, and folks in the hockey community have been rallying for him and his health since.

From the Detroit Free Press on Friday:

Hockey legend Gordie Howe, true to his playing spirit, is recovering after a scary incident 11 days ago.

Son Mark Howe told the Free Press on Friday that, “he’s getting better. He’s on the upswing.”

Gordie Howe, 86, suffers from dementia and has endured a series of strokes since summer. He suffered a serious one in October, and family feared he was going through another serious stroke Dec. 1, when he was unresponsive for 30 minutes. He was rushed to hospital, where tests revealed he was dehydrated.