Chernyshenko replaces Medvedev as KHL president

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The KHL announced a significant change in leadership, as Dmitri Chenyshenko became the league’s new president after Alexander Medvedev resigned.

Chernyshenko (pictured) headed the committee that brought the 2014 Winter Olympics to Sochi.

“I am certain that the experience gained on the Olympic project – both in organization and marketing, which is no less important – will serve to promote the league, because a strong league means a strong national team,” Chernyshenko said.

Medvedev founded the league and served as its president since 2008. Here’s a photo of Medvedev and Chernyshenko with Vladimir Putin, which gives a nice idea about how important the league and national team really are:

source: AP
Source: AP

(In case you couldn’t tell, Chernyshenko is on the left and Medvedev is on the right.)

It’s unclear why, exactly, Medvedev decided to leave his position as KHL president.