Gordie Howe suffers another mini-stroke, has ‘minimal’ speech


Gordie Howe, who has been dealing with the aftermath of a “pretty bad stroke” sustained in October suffered another mini-stroke Saturday night, according to MLive’s Ansar Khan.

The good news is that an epidural is helping alleviate the back pain Howe has been experiencing. The legendary hockey player had spinal surgery last summer and his initial stroke exacerbated the situation.

“He’s unable to walk and his speech is very minimal,” said Gordie Howe’s son, Mark, told the Associated Press. “After his first stroke, within a week, he was up to walking 40 to 50 feet.

“They did his first physical therapy after the epidural. He tried standing twice over 20 minutes and it took every ounce of energy he had and totally drained him.”

Howe, 86, moved in with his children in 2009 after his wife passed away.