Voynov maintains innocence, ‘extremely disappointed’ in charges


Per the Los Angeles Times’ Lisa Dillman, here is lawyer Craig Renetzky’s statement in the wake of his client, Kings defenseman Slava Voynov, being charged on a felony count of corporal injury to spouse:

Legal representatives for both sides have been vocal in the wake of Voynov’s arrest on Oct. 20. Two days after the arrest, Renetzky said his client “never hit the woman,” adding “this is really just a pure accident.”

“We’re going to provide them [authorities] with some additional evidence we hope they’ll present to the District Attorney’s office,” Renetzky continued. “And if they do, based on my experience, they don’t have a case.

“I think if the authorities act properly and do a complete investigation, they will have to find that charges are not warranted.”

Another lawyer — representing Voynov’s wife — then spoke with Yahoo’s Nick Cotsonika, and said his client’s take on the situation isn’t likely to be “radically different” from the argument Renetzky made on Voynov’s behalf (more here.)

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