Kessel admits ‘responsibility to talk’ to reporters…but ‘not every day’


Phil Kessel spoke with the Toronto media today. And that’s a story in itself, given what happened Saturday after the Maple Leafs were embarrassed, 6-2, in Buffalo.

In case you missed it, here’s TSN’s Jonas Siegel with what happened:

Kessel, as you were already no doubt aware, is no fan of speaking with reporters. Some people think that’s OK, that his only responsibility should be to play hockey, which he does quite well. Some think it’s a problem, that he has an obligation to speak to the media, which acts as a conduit to the fans.

What does Kessel think? From the Toronto Sun’s Rob Longley:

Toronto coach Randy Carlyle also weighed in on the issue, noting there are rules in place, regardless of whether a player does or doesn’t want to speak with reporters

“It’s the player’s responsibility and our organization’s responsibility to make sure everybody’s available to the media,” said Carlyle.

“It’s spelled out … on a day-to-day basis that when you are called upon, you are to be made available.”

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