Stars are baffled by ongoing home woes

More than a week has gone by since Dallas Stars defenseman Trevor Daley vented about his team’s home struggles, yet they remain seated at one measly win at the American Airlines Center.

In what’s shaping up to be a hotly contested Central Division and Western Conference in general, the Stars are letting precious points slip away. They’re just 1-4-4 in Dallas after an uneven (if uninspired) 2-1 loss to the Minnesota Wild on Saturday.

The last four in their record could be the spot of both hope and frustration. On one hand, those are four points the Stars left on the table in regulation; on the other, it shows that they’re a few bounces from at least being above .500 in Dallas.

The Stars haven’t really pinpointed a specific issue at home, as they mostly spoke broadly about working harder to the Dallas Morning News.

“I think half of it is hoping it and half of it is wanting it, and it has to be 100 percent getting it done,” Jamie Benn said. “I think we’re making strides forward from the beginning of the year.”

The “good” news is that the Stars aren’t playing at home today, as they face the Blackhawks in Chicago. (That second part could be pretty bad news.)

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