Gordie Howe’s son says his health is ‘definitely headed in the wrong direction’


Gordie Howe’s son Mark provided The Hockey News with a bleak update regarding the health of “Mr. Hockey,” noting that the 86-year-old’s condition has rapidly declined in the last 10 days.

“Things are definitely headed in the wrong direction,” Mark said.

Gordie Howe suffered a stroke on Oct. 26, but for some time, it seemed like he was fighting back from those issues.

Unfortunately, that stroke seems to have exacerbated other health issues for the hockey legend, as his son Mark noted to The Hockey News:

Mark Howe also said there have been several other health issues that have complicated the situation. The pain Gordie Howe is suffering in his back, pain that he was able to tolerate better before the stroke, has elevated his blood pressure, “to scary numbers,” according to Mark. “We’re definitely at a Catch-22 area right now,” Mark said. “And when you put it all together, it’s not the rosy picture we had two weeks ago, without a doubt.”

His family isn’t giving up all hope for a recovery, but this latest update is discouraging.

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