Mumps wreaking havoc on Western Conference teams


From the Minnesota Star-Tribune’s Mike Russo:

Yesterday, the Anaheim Ducks announced that Corey Perry and Francois Beauchemin had been diagnosed with mumps as well, news that came just weeks after the St. Louis Blues went through a team-wide infection:

When the Wild talked with the St. Louis Blues a few weeks ago and discovered that the Blues had a number of players test positive for the mumps (originally the Blues thought it was a bacterial issue, but mumps is a virus), the team sent Ballard and Folin to Regions to undergo a mumps test.

Russo had floated the idea of this outbreak originating in California prior to today’s tweets. He made note that both the Wild and Blues fell ill following trips through Anaheim and Los Angeles, and referenced this quote from Blues head coach Ken Hitchcock:

“It starts with one person, and then it’s passed very quickly through water bottles, or a towel, or whatever, the shower floor. It just goes, like ‘right now,’ goes zipping through your team.”


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