Apparently Sean Avery is ‘a playwright’s worst nightmare’


According to both the New York Post and TMZ, former NHLer Sean Avery had a “meltdown” just days prior to the debut of the off-Broadway play in which he was supposed to star.

The play’s author, Christy Smith-Sloman, is quoted as calling Avery “a playwright’s worst nightmare.”

From the Post:

On Monday, Avery left rehearsals early after growing agitated. On Tuesday, Avery’s behavior grew worse. According to Smith-Sloman, when a young assistant stage manager named Natalie asked the athlete-turned-actor if he wanted a slice of pizza, he said no, but somehow thought the assistant had called him an [bleep]hole.”

“He said I was ‘talking [bleep]‘ and said I was ‘so full of [bleep],’” Natalie, who was left in tears, told us. “That’s when I realized that I was dealing with a madman.”

Avery’s role will now be played by an understudy.

In other news, PHT did not expect to be writing about an off-Broadway play today.