Vanek claims he no longer gambles, isn’t ‘proud of his decisions’


A day after his agent issued denials about money laundering, Minnesota Wild forward Thomas Vanek told reporters that he no longer gambles and wants to put all of this behind him.

Vanek also said that he made the Wild aware of the situation before he signed him, according to the Pioneer Press’ Chad Graff.

Again, his agent Steve Bartlett denied the money-laundering claims on Friday:

“Now people are like, ‘Oh, Thomas was a money launderer. That’s totally false,” Bartlett told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. “He was the bettor. He bet on football games. Obviously that’s what he was testifying to. It doesn’t take Einstein to figure that out.”

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The 30-year-old is starting to get his feet underneath him on the ice after a slow start. Six of his seven assists in 2014-15 have come in the last five games, although he still hasn’t scored a goal as a member of the Wild. Minnesota faces the Dallas Stars tonight.