Blues say Center for Disease Control hasn’t been to Scottrade, don’t plan on it coming


A St. Louis Blues spokesman has refuted a report claiming the Center for Disease Control was at Scottrade today, dealing with the bacterial infection that’s spread throughout the team.

“To my knowledge we have not and do not plan to have the CDC here,” media relations assistant Dan O’Neill told PHT, via email.

“Several” club officials also nixed the report, according to the Post-Dispatch’s Jeremy Rutherford:

The original report of the CDC being on hand came earlier today, when Blues head coach Ken Hitchcock appeared on Sportsnet’s Fan 590. The intro, from host Darren Millard, went as such:

Millard: Here’s Ken Hitchcock, head coach of the St. Louis Blues. So you had the Center for Disease Control take over your offices today, with the bacterial mumps going through the team?

Hitchcock: We don’t know what’s going on, it’s like rolling thunder. A couple more [players] down today, so it’s been quite a challenge. It looks like it’s going to just run right through and we’re going to have to grin and bear it, and whoever can play every day can just go.

Millard: Did you know the CDC was going to show up today?

Hitchcock: No, it’s our doctors. We were supposed to have a function today for Halloween for some kids, but they put the kaibosh on it. They pulled everybody back. They don’t want anybody in the room, don’t want anybody around our players right now, which I don’t blame them.

Millard then closed the segment by saying, “again, the Center for Disease Control had them vacate their offices today because they’ve got what we think is bacterial mumps.”

Listen to the entire interview here.

The Blues later posted a picture to the club’s Twitter account of children trick-or-treating at Scottrade: