Vlasic: ‘No, there’s nothing wrong with the Sharks’


The San Jose Sharks dropped their fourth consecutive loss to the bumbling Buffalo Sabres on Saturday, prompting plenty of critiques.

The team itself reacted with a mixture of optimism and disgust to CSNBayArea.com’s Kevin Kurz.

“If you look at their record, obviously it’s embarrassing that we lost, but they play well,” Marc-Edouard Vlasic said. “Just by looking at their record, 1-7, we shouldn’t have lost this game. But, they’re a hard-working team and they play a good system, and we were too late on waking up in the third.”

“ … No, there’s nothing wrong with the Sharks.”

It seems like head coach Todd McLellan believes that the team still needs to find a “happy medium” between attacking on offense and playing strong defense.

The Sharks clearly turned things up a notch once they were down against Buffalo in the third period, yet it was too late for a comeback. Perhaps some of that malaise came from underestimating their opponents, but maybe some of it was sheer coincidence.

On the bright and sour side, the Sharks face the Anaheim Ducks on Sunday. The bad side is that this represents a back-to-back (which the Sabres were on) against the red-hot Ducks. The positives are that San Jose has little time to linger on its failures and should be able to get into the game quickly considering Anaheim’s status as cross-state rivals.

People tend to overreact to early results, yet after an offseason in which the front office seemed to be in fire drill mode at times, a prolonged losing streak could convince important people that there’s plenty wrong with this Sharks team.