Daly: Facts made for ‘fairly easy decision’ to suspend Voynov


On Wednesday, NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly appeared on NHL Live and gave a brief overview of the league’s stance on the Slava Voynov situation.

The key quote, especially in light of comments made by Voynov’s lawyer today, was this:

“Based on the facts that we had, which were different than the facts — everybody likes to draw parallels to the [Semyon] Varlamov situation — but the facts and circumstances in this case were different.

“We felt it was a fairly easy decision, no choice but to suspend the player and go through the process of trying to get to the bottom of exactly what happened and, obviously, handle it appropriately from there.”

As mentioned above, Voynov’s lawyer — Craig Renetzky — conducted a series of media interviews within the last 24 hours, during which he stated that “Mr. Voynov never hit the woman,” and “I think if the authorities act properly and do a complete investigation, they will have to find that charges are not warranted.”

This afternoon, Redondo Beach police told the L.A. Times the Voynov case was ready to be presented to the district attorney.

“There was definitely a domestic violence incident that occurred and I believe the arrest was appropriate,” Lt. Joe Hoffman said, per The Hockey News. “Therefore, there is a necessity for us to prepare a case and present it to the District Attorney’s office.

“What, if anything, happens at the District Attorney’s office will dictate where we go from here.”