Jets’ Maurice apologizes for using the F-bomb at a reporter


Winnipeg Jets head coach Paul Maurice had some choice words for a reporter on Monday.

With the Jets having lost four games in a row, Maurice was asked about accountability in the dressing room. His response, well, at the very least he’ll have to drop a quarter in the swear jar.

“It’s not the player’s job to tell you about it,” Maurice started in, as per a video on “They don’t have to come out here and open this book up to you and tell you everything that goes on in the room.

“I could make you cry in that (expletive) room. Listen, I understand you have to work with what you’re given and I appreciate that. But the accountability in the room is fine. We deal with our problems directly. I apologize for the profanity.”

Things aren’t going well in Winnipeg. The criticism, the questions, the scrutiny is all growing, and, as written earlier today on PHT, not just toward the players but management, too.

After starting with an impressive win over Arizona, the Jets have struggled mightily. It starts with scoring. In those four losses, they’ve been outscored a combined 13-2. They’ve been shut out twice in that span.

“There’s a lack of confidence in our ability to weather storms and fight through those things,” forward Blake Wheeler told the Winnipeg Sun. “We haven’t had success doing it in the past so when we go through those times, we panic as a team and that’s what gets us in the most trouble.”

Indeed, they are in trouble. Adding to that, the Jets are now, after Edmonton’s win on Monday, dead last in the Western Conference with just two points.

There is good news. Maybe. The Jets host the Carolina Hurricanes on Tuesday. The Hurricanes are the only team remaining in the league to not win a game yet this season.