Hextall: Flyers happy for Pronger, will keep him on LTIR


The Philadelphia Flyers would have preferred to get out from under the rest of Chris Pronger’s contract, but with that off the table, GM Ron Hextall is glad the team’s former captain can “get on with his life,” according to the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Sam Carchidi.

By getting on with his life, the team means that he’ll join the NHL’s Department of Player Safety, which was made official on Friday.

Hextall confirmed that Pronger, 40, will technically remain a “member of the Flyers” by remaining on the LTIR for three more seasons, as CSNPhilly.com reports.

The salary structure of Pronger’s deal means it will only really hurt this season:

2014-15: $4 million salary, $4.941 “cap hit” buried in LTIR
2015-16: $575K, $4.941 “cap hit” buried in LTIR
2016-17: $575K, $4.941 “cap hit” buried in LTIR

Carchidi also confirmed the well-known fact that Pronger won’t make rulings against the Flyers.

Hextall praised the “wealth of experience” Pronger will bring to the league.

“It’s a good move for the league,” Hextall said, according to CSNPhilly.com. “Chris is an intelligent guy and has a great mind for the game. The more ex-players you can get into the game that understand the game …

“I’ve actually talked to Chris numerous times about concussions and injuries and how things happen. We’ve actually talked about how exposed players leave themselves. He has an understanding of both sides of it.