Possible injuries for Horvat, Lack and Nikitin in Canucks-Oilers exhibition


The Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks are engaging in an exhibition game that is starting to look pretty costly, as at least three players are suffering bumps and bruises (or worse).

First things first, the clear injury situation: Bo Horvat (pictured celebrating) suffered an upper-body injury and won’t return to Thursday’s preseason contest, according to Sportsnet’s Dan Murphy.

Each team also has an additional situation to monitor. While it appears that he’s still in the game, Eddie Lack was attended to after a collision that resulted in a goal. Here’s a GIF of that moment via “My Regular Face.”


Again, early on, it seems like he shook it off … but there have been plenty of times in which symptoms show up after the adrenaline fades.

The Oilers have their own injury concerns, as offseason acquisition Nikita Nikitin took an awkward fall:

We’ll see how costly this game might end up being for both teams tonight or at least as the week goes on.