Video: Teravainen’s beautiful pass leaves Blackhawks fans beaming


OK, let’s get the prerequisite hold-your-horses stuff out of the way:

1. This moment came on Sept. 15.

2. … Which means it didn’t even take place during a preseason contest, but instead a prospects game, so the level of competition is obviously much lower than what Teuvo Teravainen would face even against opponents that might be in “tank mode” in 2014-15.

There, that might calm some people down. Others will just bask in the glow of this beautiful pass, and those who are Chicago Blackhawks fans may have ludicrous dynastic thoughts dancing in their heads:

If the much-hyped 20-year-old prospect can translate those skills to big-time NHL battles, hockey fans could be in for a treat and the rest of the league might want to pack some antacids.

(H/T to The Score.)