Flyers chairman Ed Snider is cancer free: ‘I’m totally healthy’


Philadelphia Flyers chairman Ed Snider claimed a personal victory, announcing on Saturday he was free of cancer following radiation and chemotherapy treatment, as per CSN Philadelphia.

“You never want that Big C,” the 81-year-old Snider told CSN Philadelphia. “Luckily, it’s all gone. I’m totally healthy. It’s gone.”

Snider completed treatment for cancer in May, as per another report from CSN Philly that month.

He then, of course, went on to discuss in great detail the fact the Flyers haven’t won a Stanley Cup since 1975. It seems like he’s really aching for another silver chalice, hockey’s Holy Grail, soon.

“Seriously, it drives me crazy. It drives me nuts. Like we’re chopped liver,” he said, detailing Philadelphia’s close calls over the years and decades.

“You know how many times I hear they haven’t won a Cup since 1975? It’s like we are chopped liver. It’s said in a way that’s a big negative. You know what I mean? I understand we haven’t.”