Leiweke calls out ‘just terrible’ character of certain players in Leafs organization


Click here for a piece of audio that’s going to make for some good media fodder in Toronto.

“There are players we have in our organization today whose numbers are off-the-chart good, and whose character is just terrible.”

Those were the words of outgoing MLSE president Tim Leiweke, while talking to a bunch of business students at Ryerson University in Toronto (video).

Leiweke made the comment while promoting the Leafs’ much-ballyhooed new analytics department, which will be led by assistant general manager Kyle Dubas.

Click here to listen to a longer Leiweke clip, where he admits the Leafs have gone from “very little analytical information” to hiring “two of the smartest analytical guys in the game of hockey today.” (One being Dubas; the other being¬†Darryl Metcalf, i.e. the guy who started the website Extra Skater, which Leiweke says the Leafs bought and shut down.)

In the meantime, we’ll leave you to guess which players in the Leafs’ organization Leiweke might have been thinking about when he said their character was “just terrible.”

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