Bergeron talks NHL 15 cover, his gaming days


While there’s some controversy surrounding the series’ jump to the Xbox One and Playstation 4, it’s difficult to quibble with NHL 15 featuring Boston Bruins forward Patrice Bergeron as its cover star (even if that honor came down to fan voting).

In a way, it almost seems to fit into this summer of “advanced stats,” as Bergeron is typically the type of player who doesn’t get his due in video games, as they tend to glorify the high-scorers over everyone else. As the games have deviated from “arcade” styles, nuances show up in the gameplay, and few players do everything as well as the Bruins’ two-way forward.

That doesn’t mean that the 29-year-old has any issues with that bygone era of games. In fact, it sounds like he was once a big fan of the classic versions of EA’s series.

NHL 15 raised some eyebrows with some rather amusing and unexpected ads featuring Bergeron and his teammate Brad Marchand, prompting quite the one-liner from the B’s pivot:

For reference, here’s Marchand signing:

(Click here for Bergeron’s bit.)

The cover voting came down to Bergeron and Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban, who probably still had the more enjoyable summer considering that lucrative contract extension and the Habs’ triumph in a seven-game series against Boston in the 2014 postseason. Bergeron referenced that today:

NHL 15 released in North America today. Reviews have been … mixed so far.