Sharks saw a ‘small dip’ in season ticket renewals


You might suspect after the Sharks’ disappointing finish, fans might take issue with how things are going. Add in an offseason that saw questions surrounding Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau as well as a curious group of free agent signings and things were a bit rocky in Northern California.

As David Pollak of the San Jose Mercury News shared, the Sharks have seen a “small dip” in season ticket sales this summer. According to the Sharks’ COO John Tortora, however, it’s no different than they’ve seen in the past after bowing out of the playoffs sooner than they hoped.

“What we’ve seen generally is if we go past the first round, we’re renewing at about 92 percent,” Tortora said, adding that the numbers for this summer “are not any more dramatic than 2012 when we lost to St. Louis in the first round.”

A three-percent drop isn’t drastic, especially for a team that sells out games regularly the way the Sharks do.

The fact this has happened in the past may not be concerning for business, but just imagine what they could do if they, you know, didn’t lose in heart-crushing fashion in the postseason.