Poll: Will the Sabres surprise critics this season?


We already talked about why the 2013-14 Colorado Avalanche aren’t the best analogy for the 2014-15 Sabres, but that alone doesn’t mean that Buffalo can’t surprise its critics.

If some of their young players breakout, if Ted Nolan can get everyone on the same page in his first full season as the team’s head coach, if Tyler Myers starts playing like the guy they thought they had when he won the Calder Trophy in 2009-10, then they might start to turn some heads.

Sure, that’s a lot of ifs and arguably one of the biggest factors working against Buffalo is that its entering the season with far too many unknowns. Every team has question marks going into training camp, but the Sabres seem devoid of reasonably safe bets.

On top of that, they were so bad last season that it would be a substantial step forward for them to even finish in 29th place. Still, with expectations at rock bottom and a young core full of players eager to prove themselves, could they end up turning some heads by at least being competitive in the battle for a playoff spot?