Doughty gives Kopitar competition in dog + Stanley Cup category


Los Angeles Kings star center Anze Kopitar might still take the cake (or cereal) for adorable day with the Stanley Cup photos that involve dogs – seriously, a doggie Stanley Cup food bowl? – but Drew Doughty gave him a little competition in that area on Friday.

Quick warning: his tweet features marginally saucy language, so shield young eyes by just showing the photo here if need be:

In case you’re hoping for photos of said 24-year-old partying, the best you’re going to get is Doughty taking the Stanley Cup to a golf course and the beach:

Anyway, let’s ponder this all-important question: which pooch and player combo is more potent, Doughty + Reggie or Kopitar + Gustl?

(Count one vote for Kopitar + Gustl, although Doughty could complicate things if he found a similar Stanley Cup-inspired bowl for his pup …)