Add Canucks’ Jason Garrison to the trade rumor mill


Ryan Kesler might not end up being the only major Vancouver Canucks’ player to be dealt this summer. There’s also a fair chance that defenseman Jason Garrison will be traded in the near future, according to TSN’s Bob McKenzie and Farhan Lalji.

The Tampa Bay Lightning and Montreal Canadiens have been cited as potential destinations. He does have a full no-trade clause, but it’s believed that he would be open to waiving it under the right circumstances. It’s also worth noting that Canucks GM Jim Benning has previously said that he won’t be shy about asking players to waive that clause if he has an opportunity to improve the team.

Although it’s not known what Montreal or Tampa Bay might offer in return, it would need to be something substantial. Garrison surpassed the 30-point mark in each of his last two 82-game seasons and can be trusted with over 20 minutes per game. He also got in front of 128 shots in 2013-14, which is in line with what he’s done throughout his career.

He’s in his prime at the age of 29 and given what blueliners are likely to command on the open market this summer, his $4.6 million annual cap hit through 2017-18 looks very reasonable.