Photo: Meatballs – the latest food in the Stanley Cup


Strange things have been in the Stanley Cup and the hallowed trophy has been in some awfully strange places.

The silver chalice is known to take a dip in swimming pools. Sometimes babies leave parting gifts behind in its bowl. Sometimes people consume things as benign as cereal out of it, yet one can only speculate about how much booze has been sipped from the Stanley Cup in its victorious travels.

Luc Robitaille adds a new culinary twist: meatballs out of the most recognizable trophy in sports.

What’s the verdict on this one? Is it a brilliant idea or a little ill-advised? Maybe a combination of the two?

While you’re here, check out a few other random photos related to the very early portion of the Los Angeles Kings’ victory lap:

Jonathan Quick enjoyed quite the meal, even if that’s not the actual Stanley Cup:

Justin Williams’ dog is named Prince instead of “Connie” or “Seven,” shockingly:

Even the Stanley Cup observes traffic laws:

Finally, this is more an interesting look into the way the Kings view the game than how wildly they celebrate a championship:

Let’s finish with a question: what kind of food would you eat out of the Stanley Cup?