KHL shifts teams: three added, two leave


The IIHF passes along word that the KHL is likely to add three teams while losing two for the 2014-15 season.

Incoming: Two new Russian teams (HC Sochi and Lada) plus Finnish team Jokerit.

The two Russian teams just had their expansion draft, according to the KHL. Meanwhile, Jokerit GM and former Edmonton Oilers great Jari Kurri visited KHL headquarters on June 11.

One can assume that the 2014 Winter Olympics had a huge impact on Sochi adding a KHL team.

Outgoing for sure: HC Donbass will miss at least the 2014-15 season.

Almost certainly leaving as well: Spartak Moscow appears to be in dire financial straits. The IIHF passes along quotes about the team’s roster departing while representatives consider it “95 percent” certain that they won’t participate in the KHL’s next season.

So, long story short, it sounds like the KHL will have one more team next season.