Sabres GM not worried about getting to cap floor, because ‘it’s easy to spend money’


The Buffalo Sabres need to spend around $18 million to get to the cap floor. But general manager Tim Murray isn’t worried about it. And, frankly, he’s getting a little tired of talking about it.

“I hear about it all the time. It’s just a distraction,” Murray said today, per the Buffalo News. “You get in the middle of a meeting, and then somebody walks in the door and talks about the floor. It’s easy to spend money. I don’t like spending money, but it’s easy to spend money. … People want your money, so it’s not hard to give away. It’s just, are the right players, or the guys we like, are they going to approach us to take our money?”

The challenge for the Sabres, of course, will be spending money wisely. After all, it’s not like Buffalo, by far the NHL’s worst team in 2013-14, is at the top of most free agents’ preferred-destinations list.

But, again, Murray isn’t worried.

“I think there are players that are playing for other teams that may want to be moved,” he said. “I think there are players that are hitting free agency at 27 or 28 years old that are late bloomers that feel they haven’t gotten a proper chance where they’ve been.

“I mean, what’s attractive to some players may not be attractive to other players. I think we’re attractive to a certain type of player, and I don’t think they all necessarily have to be bad players. I think they can be guys that need an opportunity, that certainly see opportunity here.”

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