Jets’ Kane says he was attacked by person suing him


In case you’ve forgotten, Winnipeg Jets forward Evander Kane is being sued for an alleged assault that occurred in August 2013. Kane however says he wasn’t the person who instigated the situation.

According to the statement of defense Kane admitted to a British Columbia court, he says the plaintiff, Les Makievsky, was aggressively confrontational with him and led to the incident. Mike McIntyre of the Winnipeg Free Press shares the story.

“When the defendant (Kane) attempted to walk away, the plaintiff (Makievsky) said ‘Let’s go’ and suggested the defendant should engage in a physical fight with him,” the statement of defense reads.

That would seem to be unwise to challenge a NHL player to a fight, especially a guy who has some highlight knockouts on his record.

Kane said he turned down the invitation to fight and kept walking. He then said Makievsky “charged” at him swinging his fists. Rather than get punched, Kane admitted to punching him three times in self defense. Kane then added Makievsky got up and took another swing at him before he pushed him to the ground and left the scene.

Kane had to provide a statement of defense in order to challenge the lawsuit. A hearing date hasn’t been set.

As for Makievsky, he said he was jumped by Kane. He’s suing Kane for physical damages suffered and to recover money from medical treatment.