Drew Doughty is really fired up for Game 4


The Los Angeles Kings are just a win away from their second Stanley Cup in three years and defenseman Drew Doughty would like the game to happen as soon as humanly possible.

Jon Rosen of L.A. Kings Insider shares Doughty’s excited state of mind the day before Game 4 takes place at Madison Square Garden. To say he’s champing at the bit would be an understatement.

“I can’t wait to get out there,” Doughty said. “It kind of sucks that the game is at 8:00, waiting around during the day. You just want to get out there. You don’t want to get overanxious at the same time. But it’s fun to play in these types of games. When the pressure’s at a high, you just want to go out there, play your best as a team, win games. Yeah, I just can’t wait to get out there, get warmups over there, drop the first puck.”

The last time the Kings were in this position to win the Stanley Cup in a sweep they dropped Games 4 and 5 to the New Jersey Devils before clinching the series on home ice in Game 6. That situation is something coach Darryl Sutter said has proven to be a lesson learned for this year’s team. We’ll see about that tomorrow night with Doughty likely frothing at the mouth to get started.