‘I like Kris Letang,’ says Rutherford


Given I wrote a couple of weeks ago that the Pittsburgh Penguins should explore trading defenseman Kris Letang, I was curious what new general manager Jim Rutherford would have to say about the player.

Well, here’s what Rutherford said (yesterday on 93.7 The Fan): “He’s a very talented player. He prepares himself properly, and he’s a guy that can play big minutes. You need that type of player. It’s hard for me to answer some of these questions, because I look at this team from a distance. … But I like Kris Letang. I think he’s a very good player.”

Nothing too substantial there, but worth passing on nonetheless. “You need that type of player” was probably the key point. As I noted in my original post, the Pens would have to have a good plan to replace Letang’s minutes if they did explore trading him, and that’s easier said than done.