If Gretzky could play today, he’d ‘like to get Patrick Kane the puck’


That was Wayne Gretzky on the Dan Patrick Show. If he could play today, the Great One said he’d like to play for the Chicago Blackhawks, because he’d “like to get Patrick Kane the puck…he’s a pretty good player.”

Interesting answer, since if there’s one player in today’s NHL that’s reminiscent of Gretzky, it’s probably Kane. Not the biggest or strongest guys on the ice, but both had/have a tremendous ability to dictate play with the puck, and good luck hitting them*; they just spun/spin away when pressured. (Denis Potvin once said that trying to hit Gretzky was like “wrapping your arms around fog. You saw him but when you reached out to grab him your hands felt nothing, maybe just a chill.”)

*Except if you’re Bill McCreary: