Once again, Chiarelli forced to comment on Marchand’s ‘antics’


“Every year I seem to have this comment about him finding a balance between irritant/agitator and real good player. I think sometimes his antics gets in the way. This has been a discussion I’ve had, [coach Claude Julien’s] had over the course of three, four, five years, and it’s a challenge for Brad to play that aggressive way and not to cross the line. You’ve heard this from me a lot. … We have to dial back some of that stuff.”

That was Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli today, answering a question about Boston forward Brad Marchand, and whether the player’s reputation was becoming a problem for the team.

Chiarelli’s comments came on the heels of Wednesday’s Game 7 loss to Montreal in which Marchand earned two minor penalties, one for goalie interference on a questionable (reputation?) call, the other an unsportsmanlike conduct for showering Carey Price with snow.

That same game also saw Marchand do this:

Earlier this season, Chiarelli expressed similar frustration with Marchand’s antics during a loss in Vancouver. Such was the clamor after that game that the GM had to clarify he wasn’t planning to trade the player.

Despite today’s remarks, Chiarelli did say that he, along with coach Julien, had “productive meetings” with Marchand earlier in the day.

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