Ducks coach on Game 7: ‘Fear it or embrace it’


Justin Williams hopes that the Los Angeles Kings can harness their “quiet arrogance” and beat the Anaheim Ducks in Game 7 on Friday night. Williams also insisted that the Kings must trust their instincts, which is actually a message the Ducks and their head coach Bruce Boudreau are preaching heading into this game, as well.

“I think we’ve had a great mood all series,” Nick Bonino said. “After we were down 2-nothing, you wouldn’t have known by the mood in our locker room that that was the case. We’ve had confidence all series, all season, and it doesn’t make much sense to abandon that now.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean there won’t be some nervous energy, yet Boudreau seems to think that can come in handy.

“I think for hockey people it’s a real exciting time, and it’s a real exciting time for California,” Boudreau said. “You either fear it or embrace it. We want to embrace it. We want to go after it.”

It sounds like the Ducks want to play the brand of hockey that got them this far, which means they probably hope to avoid the anxious, tight kind of style that typifies many – but not all – Game 7 matchups. That could be easier said than done tonight, however.