Therrien calls on ‘certain players’ to ‘bring us some more offense’


“If you look at the playoffs from the start, there are certain players that are having some trouble contributing offensively. These types of players need to adjust to the intensity of the playoffs.”

That was Montreal coach Michel Therrien today, in the wake of the Canadiens’ 1-0 loss to Boston last night at the Bell Centre. According to, the coach was talking about forwards Max Pacioretty and David Desharnais, even if he didn’t specifically name names.

Pacioretty and Desharnais have just a goal each in these playoffs — this after the former scored 39 times in the regular season, and the latter finished third on the Habs with 52 points.

While Therrien conceded that “they are being checked very tightly,” he put the onus on the players to “adapt to that challenge” and “bring us some more offense.”

The Canadiens have scored 11 goals in the first four games against Boston, and that’s actually not too bad against one of the best defensive teams in hockey. That said, five of the 11 goals were scored by defensemen, with two coming from bottom-six forwards Dale Weise and Rene Bourque, and another into an empty net.

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