WATCH LIVE: Chicago Blackhawks at Minnesota Wild (Game 3)

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The last time the Minnesota Wild were in 2-0 bind in a series, they were able to turn things around when things shifted to Minnesota for Game 3. They hope to duplicate that success in Tuesday’s Game 3 against the Chicago Blackhawks.

Despite the Colorado Avalanche’s superior 2013-14 record, many will say “but this is the Blackhawks.” Chicago already grabbed two Stanley Cups in the Jonathan Toews – Patrick Kane era – and already ousted the Wild in five games back in 2013 – so the mountain seems a little taller for the Wild this time around.

We’ll see if Minnesota can get back into this series or if Chicago can threaten to make this a short one soon enough as the two teams scare off in Game 3 on CNBC. You can also watch by streaming the game via the link below.