Video: Chara smarts from slash on hand


A lot of things went poorly for the Boston Bruins in the first period, but their biggest hope might be that Zdeno Chara is OK after leaving the ice after a slash on his hand.

No doubt about it, Chara returned, but the question is how limited the enormous defenseman will be if he’s not 100 percent. The slash itself looked innocuous enough (at least in “chippy playoff” terms), but judge for yourself:

It’s easy to over-analyze actions right after a player comes back from injury, but at least one shot attempt left people wondering about Chara:

With the Montreal Canadiens’ own star defender P.K. Subban running wild early in Game 3, the Bruins must hope for Big Z’s best. Losing that record-breaking slapper could smart, especially in a tough road game against Montreal (and beyond?).

The Bruins aren’t likely to be forthcoming about how Chara is really feeling, so we’ll probably be limited to speculation.