Ducks hoping to use Quick’s aggressiveness against him


Hey, remember a couple of weeks ago when Jonathan Quick was giving up all sorts of goals to the San Jose Sharks?

That was just one of the 16 — sixteen! — the 2012 Conn Smythe Trophy winner allowed in the first three games of the Kings-Sharks series. And it was a perfect example of how you beat an aggressive goalie like Quick — use his aggressiveness against him.

In stark contrast to how he started the playoffs, Quick has only allowed seven goals in his last five starts, including just two in Saturday’s 3-2 overtime victory in Game 1 versus the Ducks on Saturday.

This was Anaheim’s first goal:

Notice anything about that? The Ducks seemed to.

From TSN’s Mark Masters:

Granted, it’s easier than done to make aggressive goalies pay, even if it seems simple in theory…

Sometimes it’s better to stay in the paint…

And other times, well, it’s better to come out a bit…