Adams expects urgency from Penguins in Game 2


The Pittsburgh Penguins face a trying situation on Sunday: they need to win Game 2 against the New York Rangers or they’ll shift to Madison Square Garden down 2-0 on Monday.

The experienced playoff team recognizes the need for a strong effort, but also seems to be taking a calm approach, as Craig Adams told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

“There’s no panic in [the locker room],” Adams said on Saturday. “It’s one game. We need to play a lot better. There’s going to be some urgency [tonight] for sure.”

Even with that bright outlook, it sounds like Adams and the rest of the Penguins are anxious to get out there.

“It’s stressful in the sense that when you lose, whether you’re down in a series or not, you always want to play right away,” Adams said. “You want to play again the next night. The waiting is the worst.”

With Game 3 coming via a quick back-to-back, this series can see some serious twists and turns in the next 48 hours. You can watch the match on Sunday either on NBCSN or by streaming it via the link below: