2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs: PHT’s Round 2 picks


Aaaaaand we’re back with another round of ProHockeyTalk staff picks! Round 1 was good for some (Brough and Yerdon went 7-1), OK for others (me, O’Brien and Tucker went 5-for-8)… and then there was Dadoun (4-for-8. Hard lines, Ryan.)

That being said, there’s good news for PHT’s resident keyboard monkeys — our Stanley Cup picks are all still alive! Not sure we should be celebrating how teams we picked to win four playoff rounds merely made it past the opening one, but here we are. Live with it.

As for the comments section — plenty of people submitted their picks, but one set stood out: Comeonnowguys’ Western Conference predictions of Ducks in 6, Kings in 7, Wild in 6 and ‘Hawks in 6. Nearly a perfect game, save Minnesota winning in 7. Well done, Comeonnowguys. I’d offer you a prize but based on what’s available in front of me right now, you’d be getting a day-old Starbucks cup with some grinds floating at the bottom. Yours if you want it though.

Onto Round 2 we go…

Western Conference

Anaheim vs. Los Angeles

Halford: Kings in 7

Brough: Kings in 6

Yerdon: Kings in 6

O’Brien: Kings in 5

Dadoun: Ducks in 7

Tucker: Kings in 7

Chicago vs. Minnesota

Halford: ‘Hawks in 6

Brough: ‘Hawks in 5

Yerdon: ‘Hawks in 5

O’Brien: ‘Hawks in 5

Dadoun: ‘Hawks in 5

Tucker: ‘Hawks in 6

Eastern Conference

Boston vs. Montreal

Halford: Habs in 7

Brough: Bruins in 7

Yerdon: Bruins in 7

O’Brien: Bruins in 6

Dadoun: Bruins in 6

Tucker: Bruins in 7

New York vs. Pittsburgh

Halford: Pens in 6

Brough: Pens in 7

Yerdon: Rangers in 7

O’Brien: Rangers in 6

Dadoun: Rangers in 6

Tucker: Rangers in 6