Online bookmaker: Flyers are the biggest underdog of the night


Courtesy online bookmaker Bovada, here are your betting lines for all three of tonight’s Game 7s  in the first round of the NHL playoffs:

Philadelphia Flyers (+135) at New York Rangers (-155)

Minnesota Wild (+120) at Colorado Avalanche (-140)

Los Angeles Kings (+120) at San Jose Sharks (-140)

For those of you with no idea what those numbers mean, the higher the + number, the bigger the underdog. More specifically, if a bettor were to wager $100 on the Flyers, he’d stand to win $135. If he were to bet $155 on the Rangers, he’d stand to win $100.

Now, before somebody points it out in the comments section (and somebody always does), the lines don’t always reflect exactly what the oddsmakers think is going to happen in the game. Some bookmakers strive above all for an even amount of action to come in on each side, so if they expect more money to come in on the Rangers (maybe in part because a lot of Rangers fans bet with them), they’ll make it more expensive to bet on the Blueshirts. A lot of books, however, are more than willing to take on risk if they believe in their lines.

Anyway, enjoy the games. Try not to lose your shirt.